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Product code: robot-002

Quick Overview

Faster, Slimmer, Powerful, Tough, 6 Axis, Payload 8 Kgs

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Improved in every aspect of performace!

The maximum payload is increased to 8 kg.

Application for the welding usage has been expanded.

      • Handling Optimal use: Many cables and air hoses are built-in, and assorted advanced tools are accommodated.
      • Payload upped, streamlined and speediest arm in the industry realized: Payload upped 1.3 times to 8kg. Diverse sensors can be installed and it accommodates AI. Speed of all axes upped (maximum 15%). Highest speed specs in the industry realized with shorter tact time. 5% slimmer lower arm realized. Accommodates high density installations.
      • Reduced weight robot arm realized: Weight reduction 3% to140kg realized. With suspension or wall mount systems, equipment installation cost is reduced.
      • Easy to use robot system with minimal interference realized: All the cables except the conduit and one wire power cable are built into the arm. It’s ideal for high end welding such as Synchro-feed. The cable behind the arm is gone decreasing interference. The back interference area is reduced about 30%. The spacing between robots is reduced about 20% enabling high density installations. Contributes to reducing line length.
      • Tough: Corresponds to IP54 and is dust-proof and rainproof.



Number of Axes

Maximum Payload Capacity 8 kg
Maximum Working Range Radius 1,437 mm
Positional Repeatability ± 0.08 mm
Mass (Weight) 140 kg
Driving Capacity 3,016 W
Installation Method Floor / Wall / Ceiling
Maximum Speed  
Rotation/Lower/Upper Arm Arm J1, J2 [240°/s], J3 [230°/s]
Swing/Bending, Torch Wrist J4, J5 [430°/s]
Twist Wrist J6 [630°/s]
Robot Application Arc Welding, Handling
Axes 6 Axis
Payload (kg) 008-020 kg
Working range (mm) 1000-1500 mm
Weight 140.0000

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