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Uniarc-03 Longtitudinal seam welding lathe

Uniarc-03 Longtitudinal seam welding lathe

Product code: mc-019

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Automatic general welding lathe

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  1. Cantilevered structure, consists of bed, pneumatic finger clamps, guide beam, mandrel, electric carriage, pneumatic lifting device, 2D adjstment mechanism, gas system and electrical control system.
  2. Torch: pnematic lifting device.
  3. Linear motion: torch and carriage, driven by DC servo motor.
  4. Pneumatic finger clamps and red copper backing bar provide balance clamping force and ensure back forming.
  5. 2D adjustment mechanism, adjust torchs initial welding postion.
  6. The distance between mandrel and finger clamps is adjustable.


Integrated wire feeder, seam aligning device, different backing bars, backing bars cooling device, backing bars gas shielding device, shielding cover.



Control power supply

1 phase 50Hz AC220V
Welding power supply 3 phase 50Hz AC380V
Workpiece thickness 0.5-3.0mm
Workpiece diameter 80-800mm
Efficient welding length <=500mm
Carriage travel speed 100-1800mm/min
Stroke of torch 100mm
2D Range of torch Y: +-30mm Z:+-30mm
Seam method Butt weld
Welding Process SEAM WELD
Capacity (amp) up to 500A
Machine Feature Manual, Automated

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