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This section contains videos demonstrate our products & services which categorized as follows.

Welding Robot

Handling Robot

Ultrasonic Welding/Cutting Robot

Welding Machine



ROBOT SHOWCASE for the 4th Industrial Revolution

We integrate Software, Factory Automation and Robots into a seamless Digital Smart Factory. The combination includes 5 robots with several major innovations from our partners. Automatic operation started once pressing start button. All robots will cooperate to work continuously. The system consisted of :-

  • 1. OTC robot FD-V20 with Gripper on Slider, Pick and Place application
  • 2. OTC robot FD-V6 with Gripper, Pick and Place application
  • 3. OTC robot FD-B4-DM350 Co2 Arc Welding
  • 4. OTC robot FD-V6-DA300P TIG Arc Welding
  • 5. NACHI robot LP-130, Palletizing application
  • 6. Jig Automation
  • 7. Conveyer
  • 8. OMRON vision system trasmit with FD-V6 Gripper
  • 9. SIEMENS Robot Expert software, a part of PLM Software

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New Welding Technology!! Ultimate Low Spatter

OTC Daihen SynchroFeed GMA Welding Technology, Achieving Ultimate Low Spatter!

  • - Deep penetration on medium thick plate
  • - Low heat input welding on thin plate
  • - Ultimate low spatter technology for wide range of materials, even stainless steel and galvanized steel
  • - Super high-speed welding at 250cm/min

For Synchro-feed GMA robot set,


Uni Arc Product Highlight, Intermach 2016 Exhibition